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 Monthly Electrophotography” is a comprehensive report on electrophotography that we have been publishing since September 1986.
 English version of “Monthly Electrophotography” has been available since November 2014.
 Our monthly report presents: actual sales information classified by models including multi-functional printers (MFP),laser/LED printers, laser FAX machines; new product information (with pictures); toners; resins; photoconductors; consumable product information including engine components; production information; business fair information; newsletters on export statistics of copiers, printers and facsimiles (announced by Ministry of Finance) as well as production statistics (announced by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). In addition, our featured articles include timely reports of hardware, consumable products, trends in component markets, overseas business expansion news, retailer information and user survey results.
  ◇The report is scheduled to be published at the end of every month. 
  Subscription Fee: $600 per month / $7,000 per year
  ◇Executive Editor:Yukio Yamamoto
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Published Date Featured Articles
2021.12 Review of 2021 and Outlook for 2022 of the MFP/Printer Industry
2021.11 FESPA 2021
2021.10 1 – Remax2021
2 – OGBS2021
2021.9 1 – Toner Market
2 – Latest Trend of the Chinese Printer Market
2021.8 1 – MIF (MIF of MFP manufacturers)
2 – Financial Statements
2021.7 "Latest Market Trend of Toner Resin"
2021.6 1-"Latest Market Trend of Copier/Printer Components (Roller/Belt/Blade)"
2-"Regulations of Titanium Dioxide in the EU and Makers' Response"
2021.5 "Latest Trend of Heavy Production Print Market"
2021.4 "Photoconductor Market"
2021.3 "Shipment Trend of Laser/LED Printers in Japan and Ranking of Best-selling Models"
2021.2 "Worldwide Shipment Trend of Copier/MFP"
2021.1 1-"Worldwide Shipment Trend of Laser/LED Printers"
2-"External Sales Market of Inkjet Printheads"
2020.12 "Changes in the worldwide MIF of copiers and printers"
2020.11 "Current State of the Solution Business"
2020.10 "Toner market"
2020.9 "OEM & Alliance in the Copier/Printer Industry and Future Industry Restructuring"
2020.8 1 - "APPPEXPO 2020"
2 - "Financial Statements"
2020.7 1 - "The Production Printer Market"
2 - "Regulation of Titanium Dioxide in Europe and How Companies Respond"
2020.6 1 - "Hardware Market Trend in Europe"
2 - "Financial Statement"
2020.5 "The Latest Market Trend of Fusing System's Components (Rollers and Belts)"
2020.4 "The Photoconductor Market"
2020.3 "Impact of the novel coronavirus on the office equipment industry"
2020.2 "Worldwide shipment trend of copier/MFP"
2020.1 "Chinese Market"
2019.12 "Labelexpo Europe 2019"
2019.11 "Remax2019"
2019.10 1 - "Toner Market" 
2 - "OGBS2019"
2019.9 1 - "ITMA 2019 – Latest Trend of Digital Textile Printing Market" 
2 - "Toner Market (Preliminary Report)"
2019.8 "Latest market trend of copier/printer components (roller/belt/blade)"
2019.7 "Label Forum Japan 2019"
2019.6 "Latest trend of copier and printer makers' production bases"
2019.5 "Financial Statements"
2019.4 "Photoconductor market"
2019.3 "Latest market trend of toner resin"
2019.2 "Latest market trend of intermediate transfer belts"
2019.1 "Worldwide shipment trend of laser/LED printers"
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