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 "Monthly Electrophotographic " is a comprehensive report on the electrophotographic that we have been publishing since September 1986.

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1.Worldwide Copier and MFP Shipment Trends
2.Worldwide Home & Office Inkjet Printer Shipment Trends

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 March issue is scheduled to be published on March 29, 2024

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Multi-client reports

April 19, 2024

2024 version of Photoconductor Market Forecast
"Comprehensive Analysis of the Photoconductor Market Facing the Industry Transformation and Restructuring"
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December 8, 2023
2023 version of Inkjet Printing Market Forecast
"The Latest Market Trends in the Inkjet Industry:Opening the Way to the Smart Manufacturing Industry"
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July 28, 2023
2023 version of Toner Market Forecast
"An Analysis of the Toner Industry's Future: Adoption of Environmentally Conscious Technology to Survive the Industry"
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2023 version of Roller and Roller-related Market Forecast

"Comprehensive Analysis of the Parts Industry As It Enters an Era of Rising Prices"
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December 25, 2020
2020 version of MIF Market Forecast
"Long-term Forecast: MIF of Electrophotographic Products and Demand of Toner"
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