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“News Articles and Technological Report”
“JBMIA” Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association
1.Nihon Keizai Shimbun  Data Supply created three-year long statistical data of office equipment (copiers, laser printers, data projectors, calculators/electric dictionaries, ECR/POS, digital duplicators, shredders, time recorders and electric whiteboards) for JBMIA from 2012 to 2014
“Business Partnership for MFP Production and Development”
“Acquisition of Kinko’s Japanese Domestic Business/Konica Minolta” 
2.Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun “Lecture at Imaging Society of Japan”
2020.8.19 “2020 Global Toner Production Volume Decreases 20%“ CEO Yukio Yamamoto

1. 2021.2.5
  “Drastic Change 2020 Market and Future”
2. 2019.7.26
  “Market Trend of Office Machines”
3. 2017.10.27
  “Toner Market Outlook Including Electrophotography vs.
4. 2015.12.4
  “Electrophotographic Product Market in Asian Regions
  and It's Challenges”
5. 2015.10.9
  “Overall Trend of Toner Market and Value-Added Toner”
2020.5.29 “Office Equipment Market Shrinks Further”
2020.4.9 “Digital MFP/Challenge of Exploiting Emerging Markets”
2020.3.6  “Restructuring of Office Equipment Industry Could Lead to New Developments”
2019.9.20  “Worldwide Toner Production Volume to Go Up by 1.5% by 2023”
3.Asahi Shimbun
2013.6.18 “Sharp to Form Business Alliance”

4.Sankei Shimbun
2013.3.13 “Samsung Probes into Acquisition of MFP Business”
5.Chemical Daily “Lecture at Asia Imaging Forum”




"2-Digit Demand Drops"

"World Photoconductor market, 10% decrease of photoconductor volume in 2020"

"Toner Production Volume, Regulation of Titanium Dioxide in Europe and How Companies Respond"

"Worldwide Toner Production Volume Decreases due to

"OA Equipment Makers FInd Opportunities in China"
  CEO Yukio Yamamoto

1. June 24, 2008 Singapore “Update of Global Photoconductor Market and Japan’s Recycle Cartridge Industry”

2. June 15, 2007 Singapore “Global Toner Production and Positioning of Chinese Toner Manufacturers”

6.Konica Minolta CSR Reportト
 2012 Catalog “Selection of Polymerized Toner”
7.Niigata University Press Release
 August 26, 2008 “Oki Data and Niigata University: Joint Study of Environment-Friendly Recycling Toner”
8.Mitsubishi Chemical
 2007.7.19-20 Data Supply Report Quoted at Lecture of “Imaging Society of Japan”
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