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gNews Articles and Technological Reporth
gJBMIAh Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association
1.Nihon Keizai Shimbun @Data Supply created three-year long statistical data of office equipment (copiers, laser printers, data projectors, calculators/electric dictionaries, ECR/POS, digital duplicators, shredders, time recorders and electric whiteboards) for JBMIA from 2012 to 2014
@@gBusiness Partnership for MFP Production and Developmenth
gAcquisition of Kinkofs Japanese Domestic Business/Konica Minoltah@
2.Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun gLecture at Imaging Society of Japanh
2013. 9. 5
@@@2013. 5. 22
@@@2012. 9. 5
@@@2012. 5. 23
@@ 2010. 3. 8
@ gCompetitive Digital Market/A4 Color MFPh
@ gChinese Way for MFP/Fuji Xerox and Toshiba TECh
@ gGlobal Toner Production: Decline by 1.5%/This Yearfs Private Sectorfs Prospecth
@ gDigital MFP/Challenge of Exploiting Emerging Marketsh
@ gInterview to Data Supply President/Changes in League Table of Office Equipment Manufacturersh
@ gInterview to Data Supply President/Shift to High-Quality Polymerized Tonerh
Technical Committee on Toner Technology
CEO Yukio Yamamoto

Technical Committee on Electrophotographic Technology
@@"Electrophotographic product market in Asian regions and its challenges"

Technical Committee on Toner Techonology
@@@gOverall Trend of Toner Market and Value-Added Tonerh
@@@gHow Toner Technological Development Responds to Market Needsh
@@@gImpact and Future Vision after Great East Japan Earthquakeh
@@@gToner Technology Prospecth
@@@gTonerfs Market Trend Unveiled at Drupa08h
@@@gLatest Toner Material Market Trend over the Past Year
3.Asahi Shimbun
2013.6.18 gSharp to Form Business Allianceh
4.Sankei Shimbun
2013.3.13 gSamsung Probes into Acquisition of MFP Businessh
5.Chemical Daily gLecture at Asia Imaging Forumh


"Global Photoconductor Production"

"Global Photoconductor Production: Data Supply Forecasts Slight Growth from 2016 on"
@g14 Printer Roller-Related Products in Demandh
@gGlobal Toner Productionh
@ CEO Yukio Yamamoto

1. June 24, 2008 Singapore gUpdate of Global Photoconductor Market and Japanfs Recycle Cartridge Industryh

2. June 15, 2007 Singapore gGlobal Toner Production and Positioning of Chinese Toner Manufacturersh

6.Konica Minolta CSR Reportg
2012 Catalog gSelection of Polymerized Tonerh
7.Niigata University Press Release
@@@August 26, 2008 gOki Data and Niigata University: Joint Study of Environment-Friendly Recycling Tonerh
8.Mitsubishi Chemical
@@2007.7.19-20 Data Supply Report Quoted at Lecture of gImaging Society of Japanh
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