Comprehensive market research of IT products
Global market (world & Japan)
Indian Market / Chinese Market / US Market / European market

Business Field
Business Outline
■Field Office appliances (PPC, Mainframe computer, Personal computer), Communications equipments, Peripherals (input and output devices), and other electronics devices as well as their related supplies, components and software.
■Manufacturers Developments, Productions, Prices, Sales, Distribution, Sales promotions, Maintenances and Services
■Users Direct interview
■Analysis of manufacturers and dealers Direct interviewing and analysis based on the data and technical report from government and public body
■User survey Consultation for products research and development based on the analysis by interviewing and research.
■Analysis and Consultation Consultation for products research and development by comprehensive analysis based on the trend of hardware, peripherals, software, consumables and components.
■Estimation and forecasting Estimation and forecasting the market demand based on the previous sales trend, manufacturers' record, development plan of products, analyzing competitors and price trend.
■Regular publications "Monthly Report of Electrophotography" – Marketing data of PPC, LBP, PPF, Toners and photoconductors (issues 20th of every month).
■Multi client study Originally edited report by multi client method. It is more inexpensive than the individual research. The main themes of the publications are: user surveys of PPC & Printers, toner, photoconductor, printers, color printers, scanners, PPCs, Fax, Rollers,digital cameras, distribution of printers, printing, on demand printing, PDP, CD/ATM, HDD, POS, and others
■Market in China/India Market of PPCs, Printers, PCs, FAX, PPC paper, User research of PPCs & Printers, Research of retails, The list of components manufacturers

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